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Dragon Kite

Dragon Kite



  • " Hang up on the wall it's a painting, fly up in the sky it's a kite.", a great idea to brighten up your home
  • Fun & easy to fly. A best & cheap way to have fun! An amazing gift idea for your friends too.
  • Dimensions: Wingspan: 155cm x Length: 115cm , 3-Dimensional
  • Material: Silk-like fiber & Chinese Bamboo.
  • Package included: Pterosaur kite x 1 , handle & string x 1


This Pterosaur kite is far from extinct, with its large wingspan this prehistoric creature is ready to take to the skies again. It has a 3-Dimensional body, the kite comes complete with a long tail. The Pterosaur Kite will look stunning in the sky at any time of the year, it will delight flyers of all ages. With its bright and vibrant colours. it is a colourful wonder in the sky.

Weifang Kites History:
Weifang, a kite city, is an old handicraft town located in the middle part of Shandong peninsula in east China. It is the birthplace of Chinese kite with a history of kite flying and manufacturing for about 500 years. Weifang kite is famous for its delicately selected materials, careful and neat painting, bright colours, exquisite framing and mounting and smooth gliding. "Hang up on the wall it's a painting, fly up in the sky it's a kite." Hand-made and hand-painted, the main kinds of Weifang kite are an eagle, dragon, dinosaur insect and animal kite.